Episode 11 – Nightmare Fuel – All things SLEEP

May 23, 2024

Happy Thursday, everyone! We’re thrilled to bring you our latest episode, and this one is all about sleep. Yes, that magical, elusive state we all love (and sometimes dread). Join us as we delve into the mysterious world of sleep, discussing everything from our bedtime routines to the most bizarre sleep disorders.

Now, let’s get into the spooky, fascinating world of sleep. Do you have a routine you follow religiously before bed? We discuss our own routines and how they help (or don’t help) us wind down. Blankets, pillows, TV, fans – what do you need to sleep soundly? Do you find it hard to sleep away from your own bed? We share our sleep necessities and quirks.

Jade dives into the dangers of not sleeping properly and shares some bizarre cases of people staying up for days and the consequences they faced. We also explore some weird and unsettling sleep disorders, including Exploding Head Syndrome, Fatal Familial Insomnia, and Sleep Paralysis.

Do you remember your dreams? Are they vivid? We share some wild dream stories, both scary and not, and discuss what might be behind these nocturnal adventures. We also explore dream theories: is it true that we can’t make up faces in our dreams? Can we read text in dreams? We delve into these questions and share some random quick facts about dreams.

P.S. – Interaction Time!

Have you had any weird, funny, or scary dreams? Wanna talk about em? Share with us on our socials send a DM or email!

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Thanks for tuning in, and remember, get your beauty rest, peeps – it’s VERY important! 💤

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